Rich Moon WILL NEVER BACK DOWN Against TYrants...

Second Amendment

Rich Moon is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. He will work to protect you and your family’s right to bear arms and defend against tyranny. The left wants to take away our guns and control our lives. It’s time for leaders who stand up to protect all of our freedoms before it’s too late. 


Family taxes are too high and inflation is through the roof. For families to thrive, lower taxes are necessary. Can anyone count how many taxes we actually pay? More money in people’s pockets is critical for economic growth and personal survival.

To preserve the healthy development of our economy, we must reign in reckless spending and increasing inflation. As Reagan believed, we don’t have a revenue problem—we have a spending problem! The government does not create wealth, only we can. Government can only take our money with no accountability. It’s time for real change.


We need to put our local and small businesses first. Rich plans to chop burdensome regulations and red tape that hurt small businesses and bring more jobs back to New York. With a concentrated effort for job creation, we will succeed where others haven’t seemed to even try. Everyone says it—Rich has the drive and experience to actually make it happen.

Health Care

Patients must become the center and priority of healthcare coverage. Huge companies control too much. We need common-sense solutions that will allow New Yorkers to receive the highest quality in medical care without the government’s constant overreach. Front line nurses, doctors, nurses, providers, and support personnel are the caring lifeblood of our system. The bureaucracy gets in their way of caring for us.


Our veterans took care of us by standing up during times of need. We have to take care of our veterans. Our children and grandchildren's futures are safe thanks to the men and women who have risked it all for our freedoms. Rich Moon will strive to ensure that veterans receive the care, respect, and honor that they have earned. Our veterans have given everything. So many who have given nothing are ushered in and given the full spread. It’s time for our veterans to come first.

Limited Government

There is way too much government regulation and interference. There is a layer of government for everything we do. The federal government should be involved in as little as possible, just as the Founders intended. Rich Moon will fight for states’ rights and to decrease the size and scope of the federal government.

Election Integrity

Free and fair elections are essential to the survival of our Constitutional Republic. Voters should be able to trust the electoral system. That means knowing that each voter is who they say they are and that they should be able to cast the ballot they vote. Rich Moon will fight for common-sense election integrity and transparency. Identification is required for travel, cold products, alcohol and more. Voter identification should be a minimum requirement for voting.


Illegal immigration hurts all free Americans. Nowhere else in the world allows open border crossing. We need to control our borders and have a healthy legal immigration process. Let’s increase the size of the Border Patrol – not the IRS.